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Thank you so much for helping our family make memories to last a lifetime! Your hospitality and kindness made our experience unreplicable!   We didn’t just see the animals, we got to know them a little bit and see their world.  Thanks for doing the safari “the right way” so we could really learn and appreciate their environment.

Alan and Beth Lee – Washington DC, USA


The Lodge, the drives, the food, the conversation and the friendship will last in my memory for a lifetime. We are already planning our next visit and can only hope that it will be sooner than later.

Todd and Pilar Bleakley – Dallas, Texas, USA


Thank you for such an amazing visit; fabulous game viewing;  perfect weather and such kindness, hospitality and humour – we have had a super time.

Christine and Rick Bushell – Paris, France


This reserve is very special and has a sense of place, a soul and is a celebration of biodiversity and legacy. One of my best memories of this place is how the team at Izingwe works together to ensure that you are immersed in this beautiful landscape and your full senses are used to experience nature first hand whilst enjoying the best services and hosting.

Andrew Muir – Port Elizabeth, South Africa


This is what a doctor would have ordered had he or she known about Izingwe. It’s a beautiful “God” Space.  You’re so blessed to have it and I thank you for blessing me by sharing it.  Marion and Angus made us all want to move in.

Oprah Winfrey – Chicago, USA


What an experience! Having travelled the world, this is what I call a special place.  Relaxing, comfortable, beautiful, peaceful, charming, etc.  Once in a lifetime “Out of Africa” experience.  Your hospitality is second to none.

Sam Blake – Chicago USA


Our experience has been unbelievable…the herd of “40 plus” elephants; eland pronking;  elephants drinking out of the swimming pool;  baboons fighting the cheetah;  zebra; giraffe;  birds and of course, the King of the Lions was the best. 

Your warm hospitality and incredible generosity were awesome.  Angus and Marion were so gracious with his expert field guiding and driving and Marion’s endearing hosting.

Bay and Bob Innamorati – Dallas, Texas, USA


Izingwe is magical, beautiful, welcoming and more than I ever imagined but what is most special of all is the incredible people who made this an experience of a lifetime. Your passion about the bush and more importantly, the people and children of the area who you care so deeply for, is a great inspiration. 

Margaret McMahon – New York, USA


Thank you so much for a wonderful bush experience. Angus’ tracking prowess is second to none.  Marion and the staff gave us an amazing culinary experience.

Barbara and Martin Rotteveel – Durban, South Africa


Our favourite spot in the world. Family is a word we use a lot here and it encompasses so much of what makes Izingwe so special. 

David Arment – Dallas, Texas, USA


Thank you all for a perfectly perfect story – from the warm welcome, the beautiful lodge, heaps of delicious food and fantastic animals, every moment was memorable. But very best of all was the Izingwe family – thank you for spoiling us, making us laugh, surprising us and making us feel so special.

Steve and Nicky Fitzgerald – Johannesburg, South Africa


The relaxing, educational and intriguing sights at the Lodge and in the wild were a treat beyond my imagination.

George Lister – UT South Western, USA


Thank you for all forms of love so apparent here at Izingwe…from every physical detail to all of the love in the relationships formed…to the animals and other creatures to the sacred land. We will hold dear every moment of stillness, excitement and profundity we experienced here…and share with the world all it has transformed on us.

Libby Moore – Chicago, USA